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Itinerary for Southeast Asia - Bayon Temple Near Siem Reap, Cambodia

My 5-Week Itinerary for Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia. A backpacker’s paradise, it has it all: pristine beaches, ancient temples, lush jungles, delicious food, and cheap prices. Furthermore, there are an abundance of countries to visit, from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Myanmar. So how do you decide the perfect itinerary for Southeast Asia?

Lay-out of what to pack for a trip

The Minimalist Southeast Asia Packing List for Women

Deciding what to pack for a trip can be daunting. Especially if you’re trying to pack light, or going for quite a bit of time. You may be debating how much is too much. Or, you may be having a mental crisis, wondering if you’re forgetting something important.

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